Healthy Minds Club is a Well-Tech company offering the first personalised proactive wellbeing platform. We connect our members with highly qualified, screened and vetted experts, products and services to prevent stress from happening in the first place, nipping issues in the bud and helping our members to become the best version of themselves.

 We support our users to with 3 main outcomes:

  1. Reducing stress at home & at work (Avoiding burnout, handling conflict, managing workload, covid safety, job security financial security, optimal parenting, handling divorce, grief management, handling bullying etc)
  2. Proactively promoting health & wellbeing (optimum sleep, health, fitness & weight goals, smoking cessation, alcohol management, overcoming menopause, realising contentment & happiness, piece of mind, finding purpose and feeling psychologically secure
  3. Driving optimum personal development (to achieve mental toughness and avoid stress & anxiety, drive confidence, improve self belief, achieve key life & career goals, manage imposter syndrome, overcome limiting beliefs, surpass your comfort zone and much more….)

Our Experts, range across Physical, Mental & Financial Wellbeing including: Financial Experts, Psychotherapists (focussing on positive psychology), Counsellors, Life Coaches, Resilience Coaches, Leadership Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Meditation Experts, Personal Trainers, Yoga Experts, Nutritionists,  Menopause Coaches, Health Coaches, Sophrologists, Vocational Rehab, Exeucutive Coaching & Psychological interventions. We have a long roadmap of experts we will continue to add to offer the best and most diverse support to you, your colleagues, your family and the wider community.

Our Services include screened Online Courses, Online Classes, Apps, Articles, Podcasts, eBooks, Packages and Experiences & Financial Products (Mortgage, Remortgage, Budgeting, Will Writing) covering all Physical, Mental & Financial Wellbeing needs.

Our Products include access to a variety of Wellbeing products from top brands across Physical, Mental & Financial Wellbeing needs including:

  • Yoga mats, water bottles, weights, exercise equipment
  • Fitness watches, headphones
  • Health monitoring products
  • Food preparation support
  • Intolerance, Hormone & Allergy testing
  • Candles & Mindfulness products

Look out for more exciting expert categories, wellbeing products and services from the Healthy Minds Club offering you the first and only personalised health & wellbeing platform.

Come and join the Club and stress less for success!